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Professional WHMIS, CPR/AED FIRST AID Training and Supplies

Did you know?

Course feedback - I found the instructor: "Well versed in what she is teaching, presents the course well - her personality helps listeners to relax. I would recommend her to teaching other classes." -Dawn

First Aid Courses

We offer a broad range of courses to our customers.  Please select a course below for a detailed description.

Do you have a requirement to have the course of your choice delivered in French? Casualty Care offers courses in both English and French.

*HCP - Health Care Provider:
This supplement is for the health care provider and includes detailed sections on the use of the bag valve mask-bagging, oxygen therapy and rescue breathing.  Our SFA and CPR courses can be upgraded to this level for an additional $5.00 for 1-1/2 to 2 hours additional class time for the HCP addendum. 

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